About Us

The History of Orry Kraw

The band was originally formed in 1986 by Todd Bailey, Stevie Hurt and Lonnie Knowles.  We named the band after a man that live in Browns, Il.  He was quite a character and we thought he was pretty cool, so we modified the spelling and we became  “Orry Kraw”.  We played together until 1991 when other obligations and interests seemed to become more important and we just gradually drifted apart.  For a decade the band remained only a memory in my mind. Then I found my old bass guitar in a pawn shop in 2000 and bought it. It did not take long before I realized how much I still wanted to play. So I reformed Orry Kraw and we have been playing everywhere since 2003.  Our first gig was Hogrock 2003 on the beach.  Has been a wild ride ever since.

The band members are now:  Todd “Supercat” Bailey on bass guitar/vocals,  John Ellis on drums,  Jerry Barnes guitar/vocals, Lonnie “Lonestar” Knowles on guitar , Andrea & Justin Davis on vocals.  Linda Bailey on sound and everything else !!!!!!!!!

We play a wide variety of rock and roll both new and old,plus a little country


The latest Cd ME NOT NO hot, get yours now !!!

We also offer fully digital recording at the “Showtime Studio” in Browns, Il.  Come and record your band.  Very flexible hours.  Contact Todd at “>618-446-5234 for a recording appointment or to book the band. ALSO TODD BAILEY OR ORRY KRAW FACEBOOK !!!

I personally want to thank “LITTLE LINDA” for putting up with me and the band !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SUPERCAT T.Bailey